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Nanny Trudi Butler

The Parent Guru

The Parent Guru is a service for parents, to make them feel good about their parenting and give them the reassurance they need and the confidence they want! Many frazzled, stressed or worried parents wonder who they can turn to for a solution to their problems! I established this service back at the beginning of 2002 and since then have helped hundreds of families get a better night’s sleep, get their baby into a routine, potty train their toddlers, get their children to eat more, wean their babies, and sort out their children’s behaviour. After working with children for 22 years, I am passionate about helping families improve their lives together and I’m a mum too so I know the kinds of challenges we parents face! I am also a parenting advice columnist and am now the parenting expert on STV’s The Hour show with Stephen Jardine and Michelle McManus.

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I listen to parents’ stories and get a good sense of how the parents feel, what the situation is and how it can be solved almost straight away. I know parents need support and understanding because parenting can be tough, so that is most important. So too is injecting some positivity and optimism into the problem and coming up with tailor made solutions. If you have any kind of parenting dilemma contact me for guilt-free support, understanding and advice that really works!

I can help you with any parenting problem including...

  Getting a breastfed baby to accept a bottle   Whining/moaning
  Sleep problems   Aggression
  Eating problems   Crying baby
  Potty training   Clinginess
  Weaning   Attention seeking
  Tantrums   Childhood stress
  Sibling rivalry   Bonding issues

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