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You can get a nanny through placing an ad or through a nanny agency. Nannies may be the most expensive choice but they are the best for your child since they give one-to-one attention. They may also do some nursery duties, but they will object to being treated like a maid. Your child can build up quite a bond with the right nanny and this is very good for your child's emotional development. Future relationships will be based not only on a child's relationship with you - her parents - but also with her nanny! This is important to remember, as it is impossible to stop a child from bonding with a nanny. You must be able to cope with that, without feeling jealous. Remember that if your child loves her nanny or child carer then at least you know she's happy!

Children with nannies are generally better behaved and polite and have a large circle of friends. They may be more advanced intellectually too as nanny has time to nurture development.

A nanny can be live-in or live-out. A live-in nanny is great if you work odd hours and can sometimes be home late from work or leave while the children are still in bed. However, do arrange this with your nanny in advance and don't assume that she should always be at your beck and call. She has a life of her own too.

Babysitting - whether with a live-out nanny or babysitter - should be pre-arranged too. It is important to remember that if you have a live-in nanny she will be in your home whilst off duty and will need to use the kitchen and bathroom facilities just like a lodger or family member would. You will have less privacy generally and should not expect your live-in nanny to keep out of the way at all times. Remember your home is her home! In fact your live-in nanny will become like a member of your family and this will make the whole process of leaving your child with her easier.

Rates for live-in nannies will vary according to area. For instance, in London nannies make a lot more than in rural areas of Scotland . Salaries not only depend on your area, but also on number of children, amount of extra housework, and how experienced and qualified the nanny is. You get what you pay for, experience and qualifications wise.
A live-out nanny is more expensive as you are not providing board and lodgings and nanny has bills to pay! You will have more privacy and peace and quiet with a live-out nanny, but less flexibility. She will usually babysit for you but this must be pre-arranged and should cost extra unless previously arranged. Sometimes you can include a few 'free' nights of babysitting a month in your contract, but it will have to be reflected in her salary.

Remember you pay the tax and national insurance, but it's less complicated than you think, especially if you use a company like nannytax. Also you can find out about appropriate salaries here

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