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Testimonials and References

Who is The Parent Guru?

Hello, let me introduce myself, I am Trudi Butler - AKA the parent guru! The Parent Guru name came about because I focus so much attention to the care of the parent, a friend said one day “You’re like a guru for parents!” At the heart of my philosophy is to encourage parents to look after themselves, as I know you cannot parent as you’d like to if you’re emotions and health are not in good shape. I provide parents with a helping hand when they need it most (perhaps a long-lost big sister/grandparent/wise auntie role), advice which really works and appreciation for the things they are doing right.

About me…

Since the age of 13 when I got my first babysitting job, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to children. As soon as I could, I worked as a baby-sitter and then a nanny on a daily basis. I quickly found not only that I loved working with children but also that caring for them seemed like second nature. At the age of 17 I was lucky enough to study at the prestigious Norland Nursery Training College in Berkshire, England. I learned so much there and had the time of my life. Since qualifying in 1992 I have worked not only as a full time nanny but also as an au pair in Greece and a nursery manager. I now live and work as a parent coach in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve been coaching for nearly 7 years and I love the sense of accomplishment I get when I can help a family improve their lives!

I'm not only experienced in childcare, I'm a mum too so my advice comes from the standpoint of a parent. I speak from the heart because I know how it feels to be a parent, with all the trials and tribulations that come with it - and the good bits too!

I think I have always been highly regarded by the people I work for, but don't just take my word for it, see for yourself by looking at some of my references below. I hope this short biography will help you to know me better, and give you an insight into my background in childcare. I hope it will also give you confidence in the advice that I am offering throughout The Parent Guru website. Remember I am here to help you and never to judge you!


Dear Trudi
Thanks again for your time and help a month ago. More than anything, the time we spent on the phone helped as it calmed me down and helped me look at the problems rationally. You opened my eyes to the many areas in which my son hadn't grown up (sleeping, eating, walking, milk...) Changing these habits, mixed with the sleep chart seems to have had an absolutely miraculous effect. I haven't even needed to follow any of the gradually moving further out of the room at bedtime. Within a week, the situation went from hardly sleeping at all, not getting himself to sleep without someone in the room, and waking continually throughout the night to: getting himself to sleep with nobody in the room, no light, no  milk, no crutch of any sort; not crying when he wakes and settling back to sleep immediately; only getting up and coming in to me when a light turns on in his bedroom at 6.30am. Then, last week, my son slept through the night without waking on 4 consecutive nights, having slept through the night only 4 or 5 times in his life beforehand. This looks set to be the trend ongoing.
This is all fundamentally and gloriously life-changing; if only I'd found you 4 years ago. Thank you, so much. I am indebted to you.
Maria McHale, mother to one 4-year old, Essex, UK
(Maria has expressed that she is more than happy to give a personal recommendation to anyone who would like one, just contact us to ask)

Trudi has been a fantastic help and support in getting my 6 month old to take a bottle. Her ebook is packed full of useful information that isn’t available anywhere else. The real difference, though, is her phone support. After 4 days of my daughter refusing the bottle I was convinced she’d never do it, but Trudi offered practical advice and reassurance. Within hours my daughter had taken the bottle. Having someone on the end of the phone who’d done it before AND been successful was invaluable. Thanks Trudi.
Natasha Crowther, mother of one 6 month old, London, UK 

Hello, just to say thank you for your suggestions and help in my problem with my son's sleeping routine. He is now sleeping all by himself all night. Thank you once again and I will recommend you in future problems to friends.
Claire Burrow. Mother to one 18-month old, Yorkshire, UK

WOW you are so helpful… I certainly appreciate it… Thank you for giving me some insights and help… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU… ONCE MORE THANKS AGAIN
Debbie Macdonald, mother to 16 year-old gifted ADDer, Columbia, USA

Madison is eating extremely well now from the bottle both at home and nursery.  Thank you for your help.
Caroline Bibby, mother to one breastfed 6 month-old who was refusing the bottle, Essex, UK

I found Trudi's advice indispensable, and she's given me the confidence to manage my children in a much more effective and positive manner.  She helped to put their small behavioural problems in perspective, to focus on their strengths and gave me lots of simple tips on getting the most out of them.  Although it's still early days, I feel much more in control, and more relaxed, about my children. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone worrying about their kids' behaviour.
L Stephen, mother of two, 4 year-old and 6 year-old, Edinburgh, UK

Thank you. I have certainly found your advice and support incredibly helpful, especially around how to respond to different behaviours. Funnily enough you had literally just left the house last week and Harry asked to use the potty and did a wee. Since then he's been coming on leaps and bounds with fewer and fewer accidents. Thank you
A Seymour-Jackson, mother to two, 6 year-old and 3 year-old, Edinburgh, UK

We had never used a service like The Parent Guru before, but after a particularly traumatic visit to the zoo one day where tantrums and mayhem were the order of the day, we left the zoo feeling weary at best. Seeing the The Parent Guru car we noticed some leaflets and when we got home we logged on. After deciding to give it a try we chose a home visiting service and from the moment Trudi set foot in our door, we never looked back! With the service, the parenting pack we got has proved totally invaluable especially the top tips and the timer! Trudi observed things for a while and far from making us feel embarrassed, we felt totally at ease in her presence. Trudi is one of those naturally attentive, perceptive and insightful people who sees solutions you hadn’t even thought of but which seem to make so much sense! She found solutions and we made plans together with manageable goals to work towards. The situation seemed so difficult at the time but now looking back only a few months we can’t believe how much things have changed! We are so glad we used The Parent Guru and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for parenting advice.
Mr S, father of three, 8 year-old, 5 year-old and 2 year-old, West Lothian, UK

The routines are great - thanks… “Things are 100% better now!”
Karen Corr, mother to one 12 week-old, Edinburgh, UK

 “I paid per hour for support for my daughter who refused to eat. I felt £35 an hour was good value for money, and now my daughter is starting to eat like never before. It was well worth the money. Thank you so much Trudi”
Hazel Paterson, mother of three, 13 year-old, 10 year-old and 4 year-old, Johnstone, UK

Being a parent is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done but sometimes it can be tough and a helping hand can be very welcome! I found Nanny Trudi so sympathetic, clear and extremely helpful.
R Mitchell, father of one 3-year old, New York, USA

First of all thank you so much for your eating ebook! My daughter had a very small range of foods which she’d accept, and I knew something needed to be done before her health suffered. I thought I’d buy your ebook on eating problems. I have to say I was able to read the ebook pretty quickly and found the information clear and very well written. It has helped me to calm down, stop panicking and relax at mealtimes. I have recommended it to everyone I’ve met who has a fussy eater. The whole idea of your method is so refreshing and makes so much sense! Now for the best part, my daughter is trying new foods every time I offer them (which is every day mostly!), she has increased her range of foods by I’d say 400% at least in the last month (I’ve been following the advice for 2 months). I can’t believe the change in her and me too. I’m so grateful for the advice I can’t express this enough! Thank you again!
Mrs. Catherine C, mother of one 4 year-old, Brighton, UK

I purchased reward charts for my 2 children and found them incredibly useful. Being able to formally acknowledge good (and bad) behaviour and show how they would be rewarded was extremely effective. Both parent and child can look back over the week and see behaviour patterns which is a very useful tool when dealing with little ones!
Emma Bowman, mother of two, Hertfordshire, UK

Just wanted to email to thank you for all the help you’ve given me with my son’s sleep problem. After speaking to you on the phone I decided I would buy the sleep ebook and the sleep reward chart you’d recommended. You made me realise that if I wanted to change things, I should just decide to do it and stick with it! My little boy now sleeps all night. I cannot believe I waiting this long, three years of nightmare nights (and days too where I was so tired!) and all it took was three days of hard work! I would recommend your service to anyone!
T Norris, mother of one 3-year old, Texas, USA

I have used the reward charts and they have really improved Sean's eating habits . He is now sitting on his own at the table and feeding himself… The dinosaur egg chart has also helped in his general behaviour and being helpful. He is also much kinder and gentle with his younger brother.
Amanda Fisher, mother to two children, 3 year-old and 7 month-old, and a Norland Nanny, Hampshire, UK

Great product and service! I ordered the race car chart and it seems to be very effective for my little boy.  He is going through separation anxiety in going to school in Kindergarten.  He can't wait to come home and move his little race car up a notch on the roadway when he has a good day.  Thanks for the support!

Melissa McCormick, mother of one, LA, USA

I used a sleep reward chart from The Parent Guru to try and correct my two year old son's night waking after a holiday. I wasn't sure he would understand the concept yet (He had to collect sheep to get a reward) but after two days he was asking for his 'sheep' every morning when he got up if he stayed in bed all night!! He collected all his sheep in under two weeks and is now sleeping well again.
K Mycroft, mother of one, Derbyshire, UK

I had to write to tell you how amazing I think your reward placemats are! My daughter hardly ate before I bought the placemat and I was distraught with worry about it. I was really pleased when I got the mat and so was my daughter and we thought the fairy stickers were so sweet. After reading her the poem and explaining it to her as the instructions said to, she asked to try a bite of apple! I was flabbergasted but tried not to show it. After that, we went round the kitchen deciding what new foods she’d like to try at lunchtime and I let her help prepare them. I couldn’t believe my eyes come lunchtime… she tried all the new foods, apple again, lettuce, cheese and a fruit purée pudding I’d been trying for months to get her to try, just to get the stickers to stick on her mat! I kept it up every mealtime and I am so happy because it really did work! Her eating is fantastic now compared to before… THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!
Teresa Baker, mother of one 5 year-old, Suffolk, UK

I found your website extremely informative, extremely knowledgeable and with parental and childcare tips that everyone could find beneficial starting from the novice to the experienced. I class myself as the latter so coming from someone like myself that is a great compliment. Your website is so well structured, I can imagine you have excellent nanny and parenting skills. I certainly will be logging on again, I have already and will continuously recommend your website to other carers and parents that I come into contact with.
Diana Morrison N.N.E.B. professional child carer of 21 years, Edinburgh, UK

The reward charts that you sent were fab. My children can't wait to get to the end for their prize. I now have two lovely helpful and polite children. Thank you.
Samantha Cromack, mother of two, Yorkshire, UK

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References from childcare positions

Trudi's cheerful personality endeared her to the family. She is a caring, artistic young lady and is highly competent in her chosen profession. She was able to mix the duties well across the health care and play spectrum and the girls were well looked after and had fun in her care.
Margaret North

I have known Trudi for the past 4 years. She has looked after my two young children, aged 4 years and 2 years, since their earliest days and I have always had total confidence in her abilities to cope with all eventualities. It has always been self-evident that she thoroughly enjoys working with children and she shows great enthusiasm, imagination and patience when the children are in her care.
Mrs. Patricia Martin

Having employed nannies for over 7 years, I have no hesitation in saying that Trudi was an exceptionally capable employee. Always trustworthy, punctual, neat and good humoured, she was calm, sensible and a pleasure to work with. Her attitude was always very positive and she is totally child centered. She has a natural empathy with children and no rigidness in her approach. Her ideas were always creative and appropriate to their abilities. She is an extremely talented artist. She built very strong and loving relationships with all 3 children, who still speak of her with affection. I would recommend her wholeheartedly, and without reservation.
Mrs. Susan Gillingham

I have worked with Trudi in my capacity as a nursery school teacher. I have found her to be a very pleasant and considerate colleague. Trudi is well organised in her work, and provides a stimulating environment for children to play and learn in. She displays a caring and considerate attitude to the children. They respond very well to her firm manner, and her sense of humour.
Morag E Pirie

Trudi has been a live-in Nanny to our daughter Stephanie now aged 11 months. Her professional attitude and dedication to her work have been admirable. Stephanie has a busy schedule including swimming, music and attending playgroup and Trudi has taken an active role in developing these activities as well as organising to see friends with charges of a similar age. Trudi has a good knowledge of the requirements for a young baby both in terms of dietary needs, sleeping patterns and stimulation both indoors and out. She has a firm hand with Stephanie but is nevertheless kind and caring. She has become Stephanie's friend in the time we have known her although this relationship does not seem to have affected her relationship with us her parents.
Kate and David Harper

I have known Trudi for over 4 years and have found her to be a very reliable, helpful, trustworthy, and extremely innovative young lady. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.
Jayne C Sampson

Trudi has been a nanny for our two children for over two years. She has brought creative energy and stimulation, which has helped develop the children's self regard, confidence and imagination. Trudi is reliable, punctual, trustworthy and able to take control in a crisis. She is sensitive to the needs and sensitivities of others, is direct and self disciplined. Her humour and sense of fun would be hugely missed by us all. I do not hesitate in recommending her most highly.
Dr Marchant-Wink

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