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Becoming a Nanny

If you're thinking of becoming a nanny there are a few things you should know. Firstly, it is a very rewarding job if you find the right one to suit you. You must have a great love of children and be willing to work hard, play with your charges, and give them love and attention. You should also be able to keep control of children without the use of anger. Below I explain the basics of the job, and list the most important questions to ask when being interviewed for a position as a Nanny.

A Nannies Duties

A reasonable amount of chores for a full time nanny who has the child or children all day would be: doing the children's washing and ironing, changing/ making the children's beds, making the children's meals and tidying up the play area and children's bedroom. However, a nanny needs to have time to spend with the children to play with them and educate them - after all that is the best reason to have a nanny so that the children get one to one attention. You may find taking on more household duties makes the job too burdensome. However circumstances vary, and you may feel that a little adaption is appropriate.

A housekeeper type of nanny may be asked to do more. Your boss may want you to do the weekly shop for instance or do their ironing. Only do what you can easily fit into your day. Don't make life difficult for yourself by saying yes to everything and then stressing out because you can't get everything done in time. It is perfectly reasonable to say no to your boss and you must make them aware of what you can achieve in a day. Don't rush yourself, if you can't fit everything in then don't!

At times your employer may ask a favour of you e.g. some free babysitting of an evening or on a Saturday. Because you feel a sense of obligation to your employer, you may well say 'Yes' at first, but will you be happy if they keep doing it? Better to agree arrangements for out-of-hours work at the beginning. Then everyone knows where they stand.

Generally, being a nanny is a very satisfying job. Every job has its problems, of course, so don't let things snowball by putting off telling your bosses about any concerns you may have. You need to feel at ease with the family you work with, so that you will find it easy to communicate with them. Be friendly with your family but remember they are your bosses! If you become very close it will be more upsetting if they ever criticise you in any way. I love being a nanny. I have made great friends with the families I have worked for, and I am satisfied at having given my charges a very good start in life.

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