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In PARENTING we cover a wide range of topics offering professional parenting advice and help relating to the upbringing of babies, toddlers and children from an expert parenting advisor... Nanny Trudi Butler. As you have heard, Nanny Trudi is a highly experienced child behaviour expert, with 21 years of childcare experience under her belt. In the parenting pages, she passes that knowledge on to you. Further help can then be employed from Nanny Trudi on a one-to-one basis, but the advice on the site is a good starting point. Each section has a link to the Services page where you can find out about the parenting programs, products and services available.

Topics which are covered here include Breastfeeding your baby and trying to get your breastfed baby to take a Bottle. Many babies who are exclusively breastfed will refuse to take the bottle and many parents worry and stress over this. If your baby is refusing to take the bottle, this page is worth a look and it is here you will find out about the The Parent Guru method of getting baby to take a bottle, which has a very high success rate with breastfed babies. Young babies with teething trouble will no doubt cause parents to look up the Teething page to find out about soothing a baby who is teething. Weaning might also be a page which would interest the parent of a young baby. With information on how to start weaning it will prove an invaluable source to many parents.

Mealtimes, Sleep and Discipline will be favourite pages of any parent as these are the most common problems without a doubt. Whether you are finding feeding your child a battle, getting him / her to sleep at night difficult, or have problems with your child’s behaviour you will no doubt find these pages very helpful. Another parenting subject covered is Time out giving you a guide into one of the greatest discipline tools in the book! The Tantrums, Stress in children and Crying pages discuss these issues with knowledge and understanding and the offer of further help is only a click away! So if your child is constantly crying, having major tantrums or you think he / she might be suffering from stress take a look at these pages.

Play is an important part of every child’s day and sometimes we feel at a loss for what type of play we should be providing for, so check out the play page for help. Encouragement also plays a huge part in the The Parent Guru method, so there is a page dedicated to this too. And finally don’t forget the great Child Development Chart featured in this section.

We are sure you will find the information useful but please remember that if you have medical concerns about a child you must ALWAYS seek professional help. A number of UK helplines and recommended books are included on the Stress page for parents who require more detailed information or help. Click on a subject above, and use the browser back button to return to the list. And don’t forget if you feel you need a one-to-one session with Nanny Trudi or would like to buy an e-book, a parenting pack or reward chart take a look at the Services page to find out more!

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